I've shot some near and some far.  A number of years ago (before it was legal) I went to Cuba on an assignment to shoot fly fishing and a bit of the culture in and near the old city of Havana.  Cuba challenged me with a lot of different approaches to photographing on location. There was of course some great fly fishing with Slipstream Angling out of Toronto, but I was not prepared for the onslaught of visuals in the old city and around town.  As a shooter, there's never enough time, you never get it all done, and it's never exactly right, but it was truly overwhelming from the get go.  Art, history, food, culture, architecture, music - all hinged at the hip with the fly- fishing experience.  As a Culture and Travel portfolio, it's a fair look at what I do, and where I'm headed.  There's a lot more to the body of work, but this says what needs to be said.  

All Images  © Walter Hodges