Fly Fishing Images:

I love shooting images of fly fishing.  I've shot and written magazine stories from here and there.  These image samples include fishing for trout in the Catskills, Ireland and Argentina, sailfish in Guatemala, bone fish in Cuba, pike in northern Saskatchewan, muskie in Wisconsin, crappie and bluegill in Washington, red fish in Louisiana, steelhead in Washington, brook trout in Labrador, Atlantic salmon in Nova Scotia and sea-run cutthroat trout in Washington.  It doesn't matter if the trip is to the Maldives for permit or out behind the barn for crappie.  The journey is the same.   There aren't a lot of images of fish here.  That's either because I don't catch a lot of fish, or I don't care about pictures of people holding fish.  On a given day it's either and/or both.

All Images ©Walter Hodges