Ten & Two Magazine

Ten & Two The Angler's Journey was a project graphic designer Greg Smith and I started around 2009. It was a digital magazine. The idea was to develop a magazine around the concept of travel, culture, history, lodging, art, literature, food and drink, but the ultimate excuse for the trip was fly fishing. Most fishing magazines are about the fish. Ten & Two was about the journey surrounding the fishing, which to the serious traveling fisherman is the real point to the whole experience. With its emphasis on travel and culture, Ten & Two The Angler’s Journey was unique in the sporting world.

Along with Greg and business partner Gregg Renkes, plus a small team of partners and contributors, we published six pilot online issues of Ten & Two. We felt the idea was perfect, and our audience was growing, but we could not find a way to monetize the whole project. We simply could not find funding.

I wrote and photographed a great percentage of the stories in Ten & Two. I still believe in this idea, and will always feel there's a place in the publishing world for a more holistic approach to the world of fishing and travel and culture. I'll continue to search for new approaches to this idea.  It was an honor to be involved in the project. I look back on it fondly.